Not a single Patriot regime has been destroyed in Ukraine – Zelensky

لماذا فشلت أنظمة الدفاع الجوي "باتريوت" التايوانية من اعتراض الصواريخ الصينية

A few days ago, the Russian president announced the destruction of five Patriot air defense systems in Ukraine. Russian propaganda had earlier claimed that the anti-aircraft missile systems had been destroyed, but according to senior Ukrainian officials, in fact, all systems are intact and undamaged.

In his traditional evening address, President Vladimir Zelensky said that not a single Patriot system had been destroyed in Ukraine: “Whoever in Russia tells us that our Patriots have been destroyed, in fact they are all working well, they are all shooting down Russian missiles…and they are going down with the biggest as effective as possible. No Patriot was destroyed!”

Yuriy Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force, also ridiculed the Russian president’s statement. According to him, Ukraine received two Patriot battalions. Each battalion has a command post, a radar station (radar that transmits information about air targets) and eight launchers.

“Maybe they themselves do not know what a Patriot is and what its components are. That is why they are ‘destroying’ them every single day. I want to assure you that Patriot works. We saw it with our own eyes,” said Yuri Ihnat.

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