South Korea boosts production of K2 Black Panther tanks and early warning aircraft, and authorities agree to invest $2.66 billion

بعد مدفع K9 Thunder، مصر تجري مفاوضات مع كوريا الجنوبية بشأن دبابات K2 Black Panther والطائرات المقاتلة FA-50 Fighting Eagle

The Republic of Korea needs more tanks and early warning aircraft amid constant threats from its neighbor, Democratic North Korea. Therefore, the authorities decided to make additional investments that would significantly increase the production of the Black Panther K2 main tank.

The Defense Project Enhancement Committee approved a $1.46 billion program, which will continue over the next five years, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration announced.

The Department of Defense Acquisition Program said in a statement that obtaining additional K2 Black Panther tanks will enhance the army’s ability to wage war. At the same time, the number of combat vehicles has not yet been determined.

The Republic of Korea will also invest $2.2 billion in purchasing additional early warning aircraft. These aircraft will enhance the capabilities of the South Korean military in the air surveillance sector. The project will continue until 2031. The number of aircraft is also not specified.

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