How many tanks did Russia lose in Ukraine?

دبابة القتال الرئيسية T-90M مع درع شبكي على الجزء السفلي من برجها ودرع شرائحي في مؤخرة البرج ومركبة الدبابة.

The open-source intelligence website Oryx said in a May 29 report that visually confirmed Russian tank losses in Ukraine amounted to 2,002 vehicles as of now. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military estimates that Moscow lost 3,801 tanks in the war.

The report notes that the list of destroyed and damaged vehicles is an accurate, if conservative, indication of Russian losses in equipment.

“This list includes only destroyed vehicles and equipment that have been confirmed with photos or video,” the report said.

“Therefore, the amount of equipment destroyed is much higher than what was recorded here.”

According to the report, tank losses fall into the following categories:

• 1,239 destroyed;

• 106 affected;

• 113 deserted;

• 544 are being held by Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has previously said that Russia is facing a shortage of professional soldiers, high-tech weapons and ammunition.

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