How much does the upgraded F-15EX Eagle II cost?

كم تكلف مقاتلات F-15EX Eagle II المطورة؟

Boeing Chief Operating Officer Steve Parker said last year that the upgraded F-15EX Eagle II would cost less than $80 million, but Boeing Vice President Pratt Kumar did not confirm this price in future deliveries.

Prat Kumar said the promise made at the Royal International Air Tattoo, the world’s largest military airshow, last July only applies to the first batch of fighters. According to the Vice President, there are no real numbers yet as the contract has not been finalized. But there is a “very active discussion” about this at the moment.

Apparently, the price of the F-15EX will increase, but it will cost less than $106 million. Several years ago, the US Air Force estimated that the Eagle II would be priced at $106 million per unit in fiscal 2025. However, Pratt Kumar was quick to reassure everyone by saying that this number was a reflection of post-COVID-19 stress.

It is worth noting that officially, the promise of Boeing’s chief operating officer has not been fulfilled. The F-15EX Eagle II fighter jet developed under the first batch contract cost $80.5 million per unit.

Initially, the US Air Force wanted to purchase 144 aircraft, but over time they reduced the order to 80 units. However, the service specified the purchase of an additional 24 F-15EX fighters in its budget request for fiscal year 2024.

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