Russian Wagner forces shoot down two rare Russian Mi-8MTPR-1 electronic warfare helicopters.

قوات فاغنر الروسية تسقط طائرتي هليكوبتر روسيتين نادرتين للحرب الإلكترونية من طراز Mi-8MTPR-1

Clashes broke out between the private military company Wagner and security forces in Russia. Several planes had already been destroyed on the morning of 24 June.

Russian media reported on the destruction of an Ilyushin Il-22 (video below) by the Air Force of the Russian Federation. Mi-28, Ka-52 and Mi-35 helicopters also took to the skies. Rumor has it that an aerial bomb was dropped on the M-4 highway, which leads to Moscow.

But even more interesting is the information that Wagner PMC mercenaries destroyed two very rare Russian Mi-8MTPR-1 electronic warfare helicopters at once. Below you can see a photo of one of them. Russia also lost two such helicopters in mid-May. Both were dropped on Russian territory itself, about 50 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

The Mi-8MTPR-1 is used to jam enemy aviation and air defense systems. The helicopter is equipped with the Rychag-AV active jamming station. They suppress the operation of aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles within a radius of more than 100 km. The cost of the helicopter, equipped with the Rychag-AV system, reaches 10 million dollars.

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