Russian Wagner forces shoot down a Russian military transport plane

قوات فاغنر الروسية تسقط طائرة نقل عسكرية روسية

Russia’s Wagner Group reportedly shot down a military transport plane in the Voronezh region.

A video clip spread on social media showed the crash of a burning Russian plane.

Based on the images of the aircraft in the video, it could be an An-26 transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Some sources mentioned that it was a Russian Il-22M communications plane.

It is worth noting that the Wagner forces are covered by the Pantsir-S1 truck-mounted mobile road air defense system equipped with guided surface-to-air missiles and a pair of 30mm twin-barreled automatic cannons.

Russia accused mercenary commander Yevgeny Prigozhin of armed rebellion on Friday after he claimed, without providing evidence, that the military leadership had killed a large number of his fighters in an air strike and vowed to punish them.

The Pantsir-S1 is a multi-purpose short-range air defense system used by the Russian Army. It was developed by KBP Instrument Design Bureau and put into service in 2007. The Pantsir S-1 system is intended to protect sensitive targets such as military facilities, industrial sites and air bases from air attacks.

The Pantsir-S-1 system consists of a complex of armored vehicles and advanced electronic systems. The system includes twin 30mm machine guns and radar-guided surface-to-air missiles. The system uses multiple radar systems and sensors to detect, track and destroy air targets.

The Pantsir S-1 system has advanced capabilities to counter various air targets such as drones, combat aircraft and winged missiles. The system is effective in close air defense and provides effective protection against air attacks.

The Pantsir S-1 system has been used in many conflicts around the world and has achieved relative success in securing sensitive targets and military installations from air threats.

The range of the “Pantsir-S-1” system depends on the specific version and release of the system, as there are some differences between the different versions and additional upgrades. In general, the Pantsir S-1 has a range of:

• Radar range: The Pantsir S-1 radar has a range of about 40 kilometers, and it can detect and track air targets in this range.

Effective air defense range: The effective air defense range of the Pantsir S-1 depends on the type of missile used. Normally, its range is between 20 and 30 kilometers, and it can engage air targets flying at different altitudes.

It should be noted that these figures are general estimates and may vary based on specific conditions, environmental factors, and available technical improvements. It is also adjustable and developed by developers to meet the requirements of customers and users.

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