It may include Bradley and Stryker.. Morocco gets 500 armored vehicles from the United States

The US Congress has been notified to send 500 military vehicles free of charge to Morocco as part of the Excess Defense Articles Program (EDA).

The cost of shipping from the United States to Morocco will be $10 million. The type of these mechanisms was not disclosed. But with the high freight price, it seems that it will include heavy armored vehicles such as Bradley and Stryker.

The Excess Defense Articles Program, or EDA, is a program of the US Department of Defense (DoD) that provides excess military equipment to eligible foreign governments and companies. This excess military equipment includes firearms, military vehicles, aircraft, ships, electronic equipment and other military technology.

US M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles

The United States provides this excess equipment as part of its foreign and security policy to enhance military and defense cooperation with allied nations and regional partners. The Excess Defense Materials Program is used to provide military assistance and enhance the defense capabilities of other countries, by providing military equipment at a cost lower than the new purchase price.

The program is implemented in cooperation between the US Department of Defense and the US Department of State, where requests are submitted by interested foreign governments, and these requests are studied and evaluated by the competent authorities. Available equipment is determined by the availability and strategic and security priorities of the United States.

It should be noted that the Excess Defense Articles Program is subject to laws and policies governing US arms exports, and requires specific export approval procedures to ensure that the national security of the United States is not endangered.

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