The Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces visits Al Dhafra Military Base in the United Arab Emirates to inspect the ‘Mirage 2000-9’ fighters!

قائد القوات المسلحة الإندونيسية يزور قاعدة الظفرة العسكرية بالإمارات العربية المتحدة لتفقد مقاتلات "ميراج 2000-9"!

During a visit to the United Arab Emirates, Indonesian Armed Forces Commander Admiral Yudo Margono had the opportunity to inspect a Dassault Mirage 2000-9 at a military facility at Al Dhafra Air Base, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on May 24.

The Commander-in-Chief visited Abu Dhabi, UAE, at the invitation of the Commander-in-Chief of the UAE Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Issa Al Mazrouei.

The commander of the Indonesian army had the opportunity to see first-hand even in the cockpit of one of the latest generations of the advanced Dassault Mirage 2000-9 fighter.

Not only that, the TNI commander also saw firsthand the Mirage 2000-9 fighter jet simulator that is being used to train the personnel who will later operate the aircraft, TNI headquarters wrote in a press release.

The investments made by the government and the UAE Armed Forces show great interest in developing not only the tools but also the human resources that will ultimately determine the maximum capabilities that can be achieved with an advanced defense system.

Investments in the development of government and military human resources of the United Arab Emirates are not limited to the purchase of not only combat aircraft simulators, but also computer training facilities for Mirage 2000 aircraft, and this is also the focus of the visit of the Indonesian Armed Forces Commander and delegations.

The visit was to enhance military cooperation between the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates and the UAE Armed Forces and to build bonds of mutual trust between the two countries.

This moment was also used to sign a cooperation agreement in the military field, which was delayed for two years, at the headquarters of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates.

The Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense of the UAE, Major General Ibrahim Al Alawi, welcomed the arrival of the Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces and his accompanying delegation to Al Dhafra Military Base.

The momentum came after the signing of the military cooperation agreement between the two countries.

The visit of the Commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces is part of the military diplomacy that the Indonesian Armed Forces is conducting with friendly countries in order to increase military cooperation between the two parties.

However, military cooperation is only a product of military diplomacy whose main goal is to build mutual trust and mutual understanding, as announced by the Indonesian military.

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