France launches the Larinae tank-hunting drone project

فرنسا تطلق مشروع الطائرة المسيرة صائدة الدبابات Larinae

The French Defense Innovation Agency (AID) has approved a drone project called Larinae (The Seagull).

The project was submitted to Nexter Arrowtech, EOS Technologie and TRAAK on June 16, 2023.

The project was launched with the aim of developing a reconnaissance drone capable of remote reconnaissance.

Larinae can fly up to 50 km and stay airborne for up to 1 hour.

This aircraft can fly high while searching for and chasing enemies.

It can attack targets such as tanks or enemy fortifications thanks to its multi-purpose air-to-surface missiles.

The platform can detect large targets from a distance of 15 km during the day and 3 km at night.

Once a target is detected, the operator can decide whether to continue reconnaissance or launch a direct attack.

Larinae’s development combines EOS Technology’s capabilities with its drone development expertise.

While Nexter manufactures penetrating warheads (EFP) and TRAAK for advanced navigation systems.

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