France confirms the delivery of the SAMP/T long-range air defense system to Ukraine

تدعيم منظومة الدفاع الجوي SAMP/T NG برادار GM200

French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed on June 19 that the French-Italian SAMP / T medium-range air defense system had been supplied to Ukraine.

“I am pleased to report with my Italian colleague Giorgia Meloni that the Franco-Italian SAMP/T is deployed and now operating in Ukraine, protecting key facilities and lives.” Macron said in a speech in Paris during an air defense conference that brought together European Union defense ministers, US and NATO military officials and industry executives.

SAMP/T, also known as MAMBA, is Europe’s first long-range anti-missile system. It will help Ukraine counter attacks by Russian drones, missiles and planes.

The SAMP/T air defense system is an advanced air defense system that is used to protect military and civilian installations from air threats. Developed by Eurosam, this system is the result of a collaboration between two French and Italian companies, Thales and MBDA.

The SAMP/T system relies on surface-to-air missile technology to counter various air threats, including aircraft, cruise missiles, and short-range ballistic missiles. The system is mounted on trucks and includes a control and monitoring center and missile launchers.

Components of the SAMP/T system include an advanced detection and tracking radar, a missile launch station, and powerful and accurate missiles. These components are coordinated together to guide missiles toward designated targets and destroy them in mid-air.

The SAMP/T system has a high real-time interception and control capability, making it effective against multiple and diverse air threats. It can be used to protect airports, ports, sensitive military installations, and cities.

The range of SAMP/T missiles can vary according to the different versions and configurations that have been developed. They usually have various coverage and range capabilities to counter various air threats.

The original SAMP/T system uses the Aster 30 ballistic missile for air defense and the most advanced air defense system. According to available information, the Aster 30 missile has a range of 3 to 120 kilometers (1.8 to 75 miles), with the ability to control the missile’s altitude to counter various targets.

The SAMP/T system is part of NATO’s integrated air and missile defense system.

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