A Russian Tor-M2 system escapes from a Ukrainian drone after it failed to shoot it down (video)

أوكرانيا تزعم تدمير منظومة دفاع جوي روسية من طراز تور TOR

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has published sensational video footage taken by the drones of the Ukrainian State Security Department.

It said that they were able to destroy one Russian Buk-M1 air defense system, 3 Tor-M2 systems, 3 2S9 Nona systems, 3 BMPs, 2 tanks, an EW electronic warfare system, and other targets with falling ordnance and dropped munitions. Drones. Most of these claims are not confirmed by this footage.

The first clip shows the Tor-M2 system escaping from the Ukrainian drone, while in the second clip it shows a failure to hit and the missile passing from the side of the drone.

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