Disabled its internal devices.. The Su-30 uses the Khibiny EW electronic warfare system to intercept the stealth F-35

روسيا تعرض تطوير المقاتلة الروسية الثقيلة سو-30 المختصصة في مهام الدفاع الجوي للجزائر والهند

A Russian Su-30 used electronic warfare systems while intercepting an F-35 over the Baltic Sea. This happened last year, according to Russian analyst Andrei Andreev, describing the case in detail.

The background is as follows: On April 30, 2022, NATO began responding to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. To ensure the security of the Baltic region, which is closest to the border with Russia, F-35A aircraft were sent to Estonia by the Italian Air Force belonging to the Fighter Squadron of the 32nd Air Wing at Amendola Air Base in southern Italy.

Almost immediately after their arrival, Italian F-35s began conducting joint patrols with the Allies to carry out the “Air Police” mission. Every day, planes are in the air, as well as on May 9, when the accident in question occurred.

May 9th

On May 9, it was reported that a Russian Su-30SM intercepted an Italian F-35. The interception was made over the Baltic Sea. The interception was necessary because the F-35 approached the Russian An-12 military transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces. [VKS]. The interception was made by the Su-30SM, which, by the way, was accompanying the An-12.

“It came almost out of nowhere. I was confused because I wasn’t expecting to see it so close,” the Italian pilot described of the sudden appearance of the Su-30SM. He said that the Russian pilot behaved defiantly. The US fighter jet’s detection and warning systems failed repeatedly and had to be restarted.

The pilot said they had been warned that the Russians might be using the Khibiny electronic warfare system. He said he became concerned after the F-35’s targeting devices temporarily failed.

He said that after seeing the Russian fighter rapidly approaching him, he decided to implement the standard scheme for such cases. He turned his plane 30 degrees to maintain a safe distance and restart the plane’s malfunctioning systems again.

Khibiny is an electronic warfare system that began to be developed in the times of the Soviet Union and has continued to this day. Early versions of the system failed to achieve the required functionality.

Later, sometime in the 1980s, the Khibiny became a priority for joint cooperation between KNIRTI and Sukhoi Corporation. Once Sukhoi was included in the project, not only the design changed, but also how the electronic warfare system was used in the future.

Khibiny has already undergone many improvements and is considered an excellent electronic warfare system. Initially, Russia intended to integrate the Khibiny into the Su-34. It officially happened when in 2014 Moscow decided to equip all Su-34s with this system. It was incorporated under the designation L-175V Khibiny. Later, Moscow decided to supply it with Su-30 combat aircraft.

According to sources, all Su-34s deployed in the war with Ukraine received L-175V Khibiny along with the Su-30SM, the aircraft that also participates in military operations in Ukraine. It is said that parts of this system were discovered after the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down a Su-30SM near Izyum. It was caught on RTU 518-PSM, which is part of the whole kit.

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