The emergence of the Russian Repellent electronic warfare system in Egypt

ظهور نظام الحرب الإلكترونية الروسي Repellent في مصر

The Egyptian army revealed that it possesses the Russian Repellent electronic warfare system.

The Russian electronic warfare system known as “Repellent” is an advanced technology system used in electronic protection and electronic jamming. This system aims to disable and hinder the capabilities of enemies in the fields of communications, electronic signals, air navigation, radar and other electronic systems.

Repellent uses advanced technologies to jam and disrupt enemies’ electronic signal and communication systems. It relies on using a variety of electronic devices and integrated systems to jam and interfere with other signals, which makes it capable of dealing with a wide range of electronic threats.

Repellent has multiple capabilities, including jamming radar, radio control, communications and other electronic systems. The system disrupts the enemies’ ability to use and operate their electronic systems effectively, and thus weakens their offensive and intelligence capabilities.

Repellent is characterized by its ability to deal with several cyber threats at the same time, and to identify and target key targets with high accuracy. This system is part of the advanced Russian electronic warfare capabilities and is used in military operations to enhance the defensive and offensive capabilities of the Russian forces.

The Russian Repellent electronic warfare system in Egypt

Learn about the Russian Repellent-1 electronic warfare system

The Russian Repellent-1 electronic warfare system is a system designed to guide and jam drone signals.

The jamming range is from 200-6000MHz.

The range of guidance is 30 km.

The maximum jamming range is 30 km.

The orientation angle is 360° horizontally

The maximum error in orientation is 3° horizontally

The width of the jamming lobby (the jammer is in the shape of a cone whose top is the antenna of the system and whose base is the end of the range): 25° vertically and 125° horizontally.

The system operates in the following stages:

• Detect and find direction of signals of UAV data transmission and control systems.

• Track the drone signal and determine the frequency accurately.

• Determine the azimuth of the location from which the drone control signals come out, in order to rotate the jamming antennas towards the source of the signal, and classify the signals according to their location, distance and source.

• Jamming data transmission channels for drones or jamming the future of satellite navigation for drones.

The system jams by cutting off the signal that reaches the drone and blocks it from it, whether it is from a ground station or a satellite. The wide jamming range from 200 to 6000 MHz includes all GPS frequencies and wireless drone control frequencies.

Mounted on a Kamaz-63501 truck, it can be deployed from mobile to combat mode within 30 minutes. The jammers are blocks that appear rectangular in shape and each block can be rotated towards the source of the signals.

As we can see in the following picture, there are two masts, the high mast carries signal capture, analysis and locating devices (guiding) with two jamming units, while the short one behind the driver’s cab carries rectangular jamming units.

Learn about the Russian Repellent-1 electronic warfare system

The vehicle can be placed in a trench with a depth of more than 7 meters and the masts raised to the top, which provides protection for the vehicle from hostile fire.

The system inside is controlled by two people.

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