The appearance of the Avtobaza-M three-dimensional passive radar surveillance system in Egypt

For the first time, the Avtobaza-M passive three-dimensional radar surveillance system appeared. This system effectively detects all means of air attack.

The Avtobaza-M radio monitoring complex provides 100 percent success in capturing and controlling enemy drones or successfully landing them in a given area, Russia claims.

The Russian Avtobaza-M system is capable of detecting, spying and analyzing all electronic wave spectrums from 0.2 to 18 GHz (U/VHF, L, S, C, X, Ku) and taking fingerprints and positioning for radars, communication devices, and friend/enemy identification devices.

The system provides the vitality of air defense systems and electronic warfare systems by 30-40%.

The range of the system is up to 400 km.

The Avtobaza-M radar is an advanced electronic sensor system used in electronic intelligence and electronic warfare. It is mainly used to detect and locate radar systems and other electronic signal sources, as well as analyze and collect electronic information.

Here is some information about the Avtobaza-M radar:

1. Detection and Analysis: Avtobaza-M detects and locates hostile radar systems and analyzes their signals. It has the ability to detect and track air, land and sea targets, including aircraft, missiles, machine guns and air defense systems.

2. Early Warning: Avtobaza-M provides early warning of cyber attacks and hostile radar systems. It can detect hostile signals and identify their type and source, allowing forces to take measures to counter potential threats.

3. Electronic warfare: Avtobaza-M can direct electronic warfare operations to counter hostile radar and electronic signals systems. It can interfere with Maadi’s electronic operations and cause disruptions to communications and signaling systems.

4. Interoperability: Avtobaza-M can be integrated with other electronic espionage and electronic reconnaissance systems, enhancing the forces’ electronic surveillance and intelligence capabilities.

5. Transportation and field deployment: Avtobaza-M has the advantage of being able to operate in field conditions and to be transported easily. It can be deployed on various lands and in various combat environments.

The Avtobaza-M radar is an important part of the electronic intelligence and electronic warfare capabilities, and is widely used in the armed forces of Russia and some other countries.

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