A Rafale jet chases an unidentified aircraft over a nuclear power plant in France

إندونيسيا تطلب 18 مقاتلة أخرى من طراز رافال مقابل 2.3 مليار دولار

A small plane flew into French airspace last Saturday. Despite warnings from the air traffic services, the plane continued flying until it passed the Fiesenheim nuclear power plant in France.

Not wanting to take any risks, the French Air Force immediately launched Rafale fighter jets from Saint-Dizier Air Base to chase and intercept the propeller-driven aircraft.

“The air traffic services encountered unusual behaviour, in particular that the aircraft was flying over the Vizenheim region and that its trajectory was not in accordance with the flight plan. In addition, their radio contacts aroused great suspicion,” French media quoted a French military spokesman as saying.

On approaching the small plane, the pilot of the Rafale spotted the small plane. When the pilot of the civilian aircraft saw the presence of the Rafale fighter, he began to panic.

Shortly thereafter, the pilot of the civilian aircraft opened the door of his plane and dropped several packages.

The Rafale pilot then reported to the French gendarmerie where the pilot had dropped the packages.

From there, the officers found about 15 packages of the banned drug weighing 30 kilos on the ground, which were packages containing white powder.

While the pilot of the small plane landed his plane at Upinas Airport in Ardèche. After his interrogation, the pilot, a Pole, was arrested.

On his plane, about 45 thousand euros in cash were found.

The incident comes after more than two tons of cocaine were discovered on beaches in northern France in March.

The French Ministry of the Interior said that in 2023, the country’s authorities managed to seize 156.7 tons of drugs.

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