Turkish ‘Akinji’ drones bomb the Kharouba base of Haftar’s forces

تركيا تُعلن نجاح إطلاق قنابل موجهة ليزريًا من المُسيرة التركية أقينجي

Al-Araby 21 reported that drones belonging to the government of Al-Dbeiba bombed Wagner forces’ positions at Al-Kharouba base in eastern Libya.

The UN-recognized government of Dabaiba reportedly bombed the air base, where Pantsir air defense systems belonging to the pro-Haftar Russian Wagner forces are located, with AKINCI drones.

The base is located 750 km from Tripoli and 575 km from Misrata. So this is a deep offensive operation.

The Tripoli government bought the “Akenji” drones from Turkey, which carried out the attacks on the “Wagner” sites.

The Wagner targets are located within the Al-Kharouba base, east of the Libyan city of Al-Marj.

Bayraktar Akıncı is a drone developed and produced in Turkey. Akinji is one of the latest and largest survey and reconnaissance drones owned by Turkey.

Here is some basic information about the “Akenji” plane:

1. Function: The “Akenji” aircraft was designed for surveying, reconnaissance, targeting and fire support purposes. It can also be used for aerial surveillance and reconnaissance, providing high-resolution aerial images.

2. Performance and range: “Akenji” has advanced performance and high endurance. The aircraft has a range of about 5,500 kilometers (about 3,417 miles), which enables it to operate for long periods and in remote areas.

3. Payload and weaponry: Akinji can carry a variety of weapons and equipment on its platform. This includes guided air-to-surface missiles, air-to-air missiles, guided bombs, and advanced surveillance and reconnaissance systems.

4. Systems and technology: Akinji relies on modern technologies and systems, such as intelligent navigation systems, remote sensing, remote control, and advanced communication systems.

The “Akinji” aircraft was developed to enhance Turkey’s capabilities in the field of drones and to achieve self-sovereignty in the design and production of this technology. Akınji is successfully used in the Turkish Armed Forces, and continuous experiments and tests have been carried out to improve its performance and development in recent years.

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