HIMARS missiles kill 100 Russian soldiers who were waiting for their commander to give a speech

صواريخ هيمارس الدقيقة تغير ميزان القوى في أوكرانيا: خبراء

About 100 Russian soldiers are killed when a missile from a Ukrainian HIMARS bomber hits them as they wait for their commander to give a speech.

The alleged massacre occurred near Kremina in the Luhansk region when members of the 20th Combined Arms Army gathered in a large group not far from the front lines and within two hours of HIMARS missile range.

Ukraine has not officially confirmed it was behind the attack, but an official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Kyiv Post: “It’s a really funny situation there. They stood in the open air for two hours, listening to the speech. That’s enough time to deploy the HIMARS, enter the coordinates, and hit them.”

There is no official statement regarding this incident from the Russian side.

And the prominent Russian account Ribar posted on Telegram, “A tragic accident occurred in one of the teams that were about to launch the attack. For two hours the soldiers stood in a crowd in one place and waited for the division commander to say his motivational words.”

“But instead, the HIMARS MLRS and enemy artillery had their say. In the Yuzhnodonetsk region, in a few days there were fewer casualties in the battles than the victims of the criminal stupidity of the division commander.”

The alleged incident brings back memories of Ukraine’s attack on Russian forces in Makevka, Donetsk, shortly after the new year. Russian officials have acknowledged at least 89 killed, but Ukrainian sources and several Russian war correspondents say the death toll is closer to 400.

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