A Patriot missile ‘attacks’ cars on a highway in Kiev (video)

صاروخ PAC-3

A sensational video, shared on social media platforms, documented a nerve-wracking incident in downtown Kyiv, where several cars miraculously escaped tragedy when shrapnel from a missile unexpectedly slammed into a busy highway on May 29.

The footage was captured by the camera of a car traveling on the highway, and it depicts part of a missile falling between two cars from the sky and hitting a traffic light.

Police recovered the fragments for later examination as part of their investigation.

Based on the timestamp indicated in the video, the incident occurred at 11:22 am. The timing of the incident is consistent with a highly unusual daytime missile salvo launched by Russia on Kiev on May 29.

Valeriy Zaluzhny, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, reported that Ukraine successfully intercepted and shot down 11 cruise and ballistic missiles that day.

Many Twitter users also shared widely another angle of the impact, which was captured by a security camera in the vicinity. The footage shows the missile hitting a traffic light, then crashing into the ground, scattering debris.

Missile fragment collected from the scene and information that has surfaced online indicate that it is a Patriot PAC-3 CRI interceptor.

The missile has the “hit-to-kill” intercept capability, which is required to intercept a hypersonic Kenjal ballistic missile. The missile did not explode during the interception.

Meanwhile, photos purporting to show an attack on the headquarters of the GUR (Ukrainian Defense Intelligence Directorate) also surfaced online.

PAC-3 missile

Since May 1, there has been a significant escalation in Russian military activities targeting Ukraine, specifically Kiev. Russian forces carried out a total of 17 airstrikes during this period, using a combination of long-range missiles and Iranian kamikaze drones.

As the prospect of a Ukrainian counterattack gained momentum, aggressive actions by Russian forces escalated even further.

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تتفوق على هيمارس وتورنادو.. روسيا تطور راجمة صواريخ جديدة من طراز Sarma قادرة على إطلاق ذخائر ذكية

It surpasses HIMARS and Tornado.. Russia is developing a new Sarma missile launcher capable of launching smart munitions

أقوى من باتريوت بالضعف تقريبًا.. كوريا الجنوبية تختبر صاروخ الدفاع الجوي L-SAM الذي يوصف بـ"ثاد" الكوري

Almost twice as powerful as the Patriot.. South Korea is testing the L-SAM air defense missile, which is described as the Korean “THAAD”.