The Korean company KAI confirms that it is negotiating with Egypt to purchase 100 FA-50 fighter jets

كوريا الجنوبية ستبدأ تسليم أولى طائرات FA-50 إلى بولندا في عام 2023

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) has confirmed that it is negotiating with Egypt for the purchase/technology transfer of the FA-50 Fighting Eagle Light Fighter Aircraft (LCA).

Egypt will likely choose the preferred bidder for its upcoming LCA tender next year, said the CEO of KAI Group. KAI hopes to export 36-100 FA-50s to Egypt.

In December, the Egyptian Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) signed a preliminary agreement with KAI for technology transfer and joint production of advanced light combat training aircraft to meet the needs of the Egyptian Armed Forces and for export to third countries.

In January, the head of the Egyptian AOI met with the delegations of KAI and Hanwha Aerospace, to discuss the executive steps taken to develop the initial agreement signed between AOI and KAI to localize the technology of manufacturing the advanced light combat training aircraft.

KAI plans not only to jointly produce with Egypt, but also to establish a regional export center and provide related services.

KAI also aims to cooperate with Egypt in developing aviation research and development, and further building the country’s aviation industry ecosystem.

Media reported on August 13, 2022 that KAI expects Egypt to acquire up to 100 FA-50 Fighting Eagle attack fighter aircraft.

KAI believes that its light combat aircraft are the best fit for the Egyptian Air Force.

The announcement was made after the Republic of Korea Air Force’s Black Eagles became the world’s first airshow team to fly over the Egyptian pyramids at the Egypt Air Show on August 3.

KAI estimates that the opportunity given to the Black Eagles acrobatics team atop the Egyptian pyramids is a green light from the African country to purchase Korean military products, in this case the FA-50.

Egypt is currently looking to contract 100 units of advanced training aircraft for its Air Force.

KAI said the FA-50 has high compatibility with the Egyptian Air Force’s main fighter jet, the F-16.

This aircraft is optimized for education and training compared to its competitors, the Chinese AVIC L-15 and the Italian Leonardo M346, both of which are competing in Egypt.

Until then, KAI had produced more than 280 aircraft of the T-50 family (including the FA-50) and delivered them to customer countries.

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