The Israeli company ELTA unveils the second generation ELM-2060PES reconnaissance pod

شركة ELTA الإسرائيلية تكشف حاضن الاستطلاع ELM-2060PES من الجيل التاني

ELTA, a subsidiary of IAI, has introduced an improved version of the ELM-2060 reconnaissance pod (Synthetic Aperture Radar SAR) under the name ELM-2060PES.

The pod had AESA antennas which allowed it to increase range and accuracy. With ELK-1882 H/T data link for imaging exchange with the Ground Exploitation Station (GES).

The pod also has GMTI / SAR SPOT / SAR STRIP operating modes.

The pod is similar to the fuel tanks approved for use on fighters to provide maximum aerodynamic characteristics.

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