Turkish company Rokistan develops a new universal tank turret system (video)

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Turkey’s state-owned defense company, Roketsan, has developed a new modular tank turret called Moduler Zırhlı Kule (MZK).

The MZK turret is armed with a 105 mm cannon and uses an automatic loading system to reduce crew size.

The new turret design also provides increased protection for the crew by installing explosive reactive armor.

In addition, there is a slat shield turret feature designed to increase defense against rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) hits.

The MZK turret system will be integrated into the chassis of the Turkish Army’s M60A3 main battle tank, but it can also be installed on other tanks such as the Leopard or T-72.

The new turret weighs 13 tons, which is lighter than the original M60A3 tank’s 14.5-ton turret and the T-72’s 18-ton turret.

This comprehensive turret solution enables retrofitting of old tanks to a new level required on the modern battlefield for both the Turkish Armed Forces and the countries that will acquire them from Turkey.

Roketsan is a Turkish company specialized in the production and development of air and missile defense systems. The company was established in 1988 and is headquartered in Ankara, Türkiye.

Roketsan develops and manufactures a wide range of military products, including air and land missiles, air defense systems, anti-tank missiles, radar systems, naval defense systems, and armored air defense systems.

One of the main products developed by Roketsan is the Keeling-135 mobile air defense system. Its other products include the Karsan anti-tank missile, the long-range Karsan-ER missile, and the Korkut anti-aircraft missile.

Roketsan works closely with the Turkish Armed Forces and is also involved in exports to many other countries. The company has high technological capabilities and constantly strives to innovate and develop its products to meet the needs of defense and security in the global market.

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