Watch the failure of multiple missiles launched by different Russian air defense systems to shoot down the ‘Storm Shadow’ cruise missile (video)

كتيبة إس-400 الجديدة في بيلاروسيا جاهزة للخدمة القتالية

Video footage was published showing an attempt to intercept a British-made Storm Shadow cruise missile from a number of Russian air defense systems, but all of them failed and the missile eventually succeeded in hitting its target.

The British Storm Shadow missiles are said to have the same radar cross-section as the Starling, and possibly even less.

The Storm Shadow is a cruise missile developed by MBDA France and British Aerospace (now BAE Systems). It is also known by the common name SCALP (Système de Croisière Autonome à Longue Portée) in France. The Storm Shadow missile is characterized by its ability to fly with high precision over a long range and destroy sensitive targets.

Ukrainian Su-24 with Storm Shadow missile

The main specifications of the Storm Shadow missile:

1. Range: The missile can travel up to about 560 kilometers (350 miles) in its latest version.

2. Accuracy: It uses an intelligent guidance system based on GPS and ground navigation techniques, and also carries an infrared imaging system (IR) to ensure that the targets are hit with high accuracy.

3. Warload: The missile carries a warhead with a large destructive capacity that can be of the normal explosive type or a warhead with special purposes such as cluster bombs.

4. Speed: It is characterized by high-speed flight and is a long-range winged ballistic missile.

5. Usage: The Storm Shadow missile is mainly used to destroy sensitive military and industrial infrastructure and other strategic targets, and it is launched from warplanes such as combat aircraft and bombers.

Storm Shadow missiles have been used in many conflicts and military operations around the world, and have proven their efficiency in destroying targets accurately and effectively. The Storm Shadow is one of the advanced winged ballistic missiles approved by the air forces of several countries.

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