Sky Spear.. the sixth generation air-to-air missile from the Israeli Rafael

سكاي سبير Sky Spear.. صاروخ جو-جو من الجيل السادس من رافائيل الإسرائيلية

The Israeli company, Rafael, launched a sixth-generation long-range air-to-air missile called the Sky Spear.

The missile has a new radio frequency seeker that allows for early shutdown and protection from air and ground turbulence.

The company says the Sky Spur can be installed on previous, current and future generation aircraft.

Its maneuverability allows it to engage both long and short range targets.

SkySpire is currently in full-scale development, Janes reported, citing Rafael’s director of business development, Yaniv Rotem.

Rotem added that the company is seeking government partnerships to advance its development.

The head of the Rafael Air and Missile Defense Directorate, Brigadier General (Byrne) Benny Youngman, said that Rafael’s first air-to-air missile was developed in 1959.

Five generations of this type of missile have been successfully produced and maintained, some of which have been exported to other countries.

“From Python and Derby, which not only provide weapons for combat aircraft, but are also a key component of the Spyder air defense system, and now to the sixth generation long-range Sky Spear,” he said.

Rafael believes that the modern air-to-air missile will provide advanced capabilities, which will give the user a qualitative advantage over his most formidable enemies.

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