Su-25 crashes after being hit by an Igla missile in Ukraine (video)

دمج دخائر انزلاقية تركية على سو-25 الأذربيجانية

A Ukrainian soldier delivered a fatal blow to a Russian fighter that approached the positions of the Ukrainian forces at a very close distance.

A Russian Su-25 attack aircraft was shot down by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, according to the press service of the 10th Mountain Attack Brigade, and a video of this operation was posted on the military unit’s social media.

The description and the video footage itself indicate that an Igla man-portable missile was used to shoot down the Russian plane.

The plane was passing Ukrainian positions, where it was spotted and hit. The brigade claimed that after being targeted by the missile, the Su-25 fell. The downing of the Su-25 was also mentioned in the daily report by the Ukrainian General Staff.

Apparently, the pilot tried to outrun the incoming missile but failed to do so. The video captured the moment the missile exploded once it got close enough to the aircraft.

This is the second time that a Russian Su-25 has been shot down by the Ukrainian air defense this month. Previously on June 7, another attack aircraft of this type was also destroyed, but there is little information about this shootdown in the daily report feed provided by Ukraine.

The Su-25 has so far suffered the largest losses of all types of Russian aircraft involved in the invasion of Ukraine. The Oryx OSINT account counted 29 Su-25s that were confirmed by visual evidence.

Earlier, it was reported that the Russians had introduced another modernization of the Su-25 which was “enhanced by using the experience” gained by the Russian military during its operations in Ukraine, including the incorporation of “new weapons”.

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