Mach 5 speed.. France launches sixth-generation hypersonic fighter jet

سرعة 5 ماخ.. فرنسا تطلق طائرة مقاتلة فرط صوتية من الجيل السادس

A prototype hypersonic jet has been unveiled at the Paris Air Show in what could mark a shift in plans for France’s sixth-generation fighter jets.

In what may mark a major leap forward in fighter jet technology, France has unveiled its Espadon hypersonic fighter concept, possibly signaling a revival of its ambitions to develop a sixth-generation fighter jet.

Breaking Defense reported that French state-backed research firm Onera demonstrated its Espadon hypersonic fighter concept this month at the Paris Air Show.

The report stated that the Espadon prototype had already undergone wind tests, with the aim of developing an aircraft that could fly at Mach 5 or faster.

It also indicates that the concept will be handed over to the French industry to prepare for the future, with 2050 envisaged dates for the first flight of the hypersonic aircraft.

Breaking Defense said that although the French Ministry of Defense (MOD) has not yet funded Espadon at the procurement level, it has been funded internally to improve the know-how and efficiency of hypersonic aircraft, identifying the building blocks for creating a prototype.

It is also mentioned that the expertise from Espadon continues to be shared with the parties involved in the development of the French Future Combat System (FCAS) program built around the next generation of teleported fighters and air combat cloud carriers.

The Espadon may be one of several sixth-generation fighter concepts under development. They include the US’s Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) concept, Japan’s Global Air Combat Program (GCAP) and the UK’s Tempest projects.

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