Russia attacks a Ukrainian air base in Khmelnitsky province, destroying 5 planes

سو-24 أوكرانية مع صاروخ ستورم شادو

The Russian military reportedly carried out a missile attack on a Ukrainian air base in Khmelnytskyi Province on May 29, 2023.

And Russian media claimed that the attack caused a huge explosion at the air base. As a result, it was reported that five Ukrainian warplanes were destroyed in addition to several facilities at the base being severely damaged.

It stated that this attack was prepared in advance by Russia and the main target was the Ukrainian Su-24 fighter jet squadron.

Earlier, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov revealed that the Ukrainian Air Force used Su-24MR bombers to launch Storm Shadow cruise missiles at Russian military targets.

Oleksey Reznikov confirmed that the success rate of attacks using the “game-changing” Storm Shadow cruise missiles is 100% since their introduction into service in Ukraine.

“All of the Storm Shadow missiles we fired flew towards the target. 100% target hit rate,” Oleksey Reznikov said.

The Ukrainian Air Force currently still relies on the Soviet-era Su-24 bomber/attack aircraft, but the number of active aircraft is unknown.

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