Russia deploys its coastal BAL missile system to attack Ukrainian ground targets

In the face of the Ukrainian counterattack, Russian forces used the BAL coastal missile defense system to attack Ukrainian ground targets.

BAL systems have been deployed to neutralize ground targets and halt the advance of the Ukrainian counterattack in Bryansk Oblast.

This was stated by the Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Department of the Ukrainian General Staff, Brigadier General Oleksiy Khromov on June 15, 2023. He stated that Russian forces deployed the Kh-35 BAL coastal defense missile system in Bryansk Oblast.

The media suspects that the use of this weapon is due to the fact that the Russian forces began to lack accurate ammunition to attack ground targets.

Regarding the BAL, it is a mobile coastal missile defense system that is actually designed to attack targets at sea at a range of up to 260 km.

System targets include various types of warships, including enemy ships carrying out amphibious landings.

One of the salient features of the BAL system is centralized fire control.

This innovative system provides optimal allocation of missiles, ensuring that each is deployed in the most efficient and effective manner.

The fire control system allows the system to target multiple targets simultaneously.

The BAL system, which uses an 8×8 military truck platform, carries eight Mach 0.85 surface mount tubes.

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