Russia prepares to use Hermes missile system that supports ‘fire and forget’ technology

Russia is preparing to use the new Hermes missile system in special military operations in Ukraine. Tests have already begun, according to Russian media reports.

The Hermes was developed by the KBP Hardware Design Bureau to target any type of armored vehicle at a distance of up to 100 km.

Hermes has the so-called “release and forget” ability. In flight, the missile uses two types of guidance.

During the flight phase, Hermes uses inertial guidance and/or radio guidance. Semi-active laser guidance is used in the final phase of the flight before the missile reaches the target.

Although not officially confirmed at this time, the Hermes missiles are said to also use radar and infrared trackers.

Hermes has a different weight. The system weighs 110 kg on a 170 mm diameter rocket and 130 kg on a 210 mm diameter rocket.

The missile in the basic version can accelerate to 1.3 thousand meters per second. It has a high-explosive warhead weighing 28 kg.

In fact, Hermes was developed in the era of the 90’s. It was stopped, then the program was resumed in 2016, and then the Hermes prototype was tested in Syria.

The KBP Instrument Design Bureau has developed three different types of systems, the first being the Hermes-A system designed for air launch which can be used on the Su-25, Ka-52 attack helicopters as well as the Mi-28.

The second Hermes-K version is designed for launch from warships and the third Hermes-C version from ground launch vehicles.

Hermes-C can be integrated into military trucks such as the Kamaz 6X6, which carries a maximum of 24 missile launchers.

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