Russia destroys another Patriot anti-aircraft missile system in Kiev, Ukraine – Shoigu

وكالة التجارة الأمريكية تؤكد رسميا صفقة الباتريوت للمغرب

The official “TASS” news agency reported, quoting Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, that Russian forces destroyed another “Patriot” anti-aircraft missile system in Kiev, Ukraine, recently.

He added that Russian forces intercepted 29 Storm Shadow missiles this month.

Shoigu also said Western countries were stepping up supplies of equipment and weapons to Ukraine ahead of what he said would be a “large-scale offensive” by Kiev, adding that Russia monitors these supply routes and will strike them if detected, news agencies quoted him as saying.

It is worth noting that the Russian forces claimed two weeks ago that they destroyed an American-made “Patriot” air defense system in Kiev, using a “Kinjal” hypersonic missile.

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