Russia is testing the weapon of the apocalypse, the self-driving Poseidon nuclear torpedo

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Russia will test its apocalyptic weapon, the self-driving nuclear Poseidon torpedo from the Russian submarine Belgorod, in the next few days, according to intelligence reports.

The feared “end of the world torpedo” “Poseidon” is a Russian weapon equipped with a nuclear warhead, which raises the concerns of the United States of America in all seriousness because of its ability to approach at a very high speed targets on the American coasts.

According to available information, “Poseidon” can independently sail underwater across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, carrying nuclear ammunition with a capacity of 100 megatons, twice the head of the famous “Caesar” bomb.

In the event that such a nuclear warhead explodes off the coast, it will flood the neighboring city with a radioactive tsunami, while its high speed will make it difficult to intercept.

The Poseidon nuclear torpedo is a strategic naval weapon system developed and manufactured in Russia. Poseidon is part of Russia’s new generation of nuclear weapons, designed to carry nuclear warheads and be launched from ballistic submarines. Poseidon aims to enhance Russia’s strategic nuclear capability and achieve nuclear deterrence.

Poseidon is considered a unique system due to its various advanced abilities. Poseidon operates by operating an internal ballistic missile launched from a nuclear submarine. The missile can carry nuclear warheads, move at high speed in the water, and has the ability to evade the usual air and sea defense systems.

Poseidon was developed to strengthen Russia’s nuclear deterrence and enhance its ability to bypass any defense system that other countries might have. It is important to note that Poseidon does not breach any Nuclear Reduction Treaty or Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaties, as it is manufactured in compliance with internationally recognized laws and standards.

The Poseidon nuclear torpedo is a ballistic weapon system with several features:

1. Nuclear Projection Capability: The nuclear Poseidon is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, which makes it a lethal weapon capable of delivering a powerful nuclear strike to the target.

2. Wide range: The nuclear Poseidon has a wide range, as it can fly for very long distances. According to reports, Poseidon can cover a distance of thousands of kilometers, which means it can reach remote targets around the world.

3. Avoidance: The nuclear Poseidon has the ability to evade hostile air defense systems. It is considered an offensive missile that can move in water at high speeds and at a great depth below the surface of the water, which makes it difficult to detect and track by enemy radar systems.

4. Endurance: The nuclear Poseidon is characterized by its ability to withstand harsh conditions. It is capable of operating in deep oceans and under high pressures, making it a reliable missile in harsh marine environments.

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