A US-made laser-guided weapon system was spotted in Ukraine

رصد نظام سلاح موجه بالليزر أمريكي الصنع في أوكرانيا

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have begun to deploy the latest laser-guided weapon systems on the battlefield in the Zaporozhye region.

An armored Humvee equipped with four laser-guided missile launchers has been seen in service with Ukrainian soldiers from the 37th Separate Marine Brigade.

The M1152A1 Humvee is equipped with the LAND-LGR4 launcher, developed by Arnold Defense.

LAND-LGR4 is a modern laser-guided weapon system designed to fire 70 mm APKWS laser-guided rockets. The 2.75-inch rocket launcher can be integrated aboard any tactical ground vehicle or surface ship.

As noted by the company, it is lightweight, reliable and provides accurate fire support previously only available with aviation assets.

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