Comprehensive report on the Egyptian Air Force

قوات الدعم السريع السودانية تستولي على مقاتلات مصرية من طراز MiG-29 في قاعدة مروي الجوية

The Egyptian army is one of the regular armies that enjoys modern and advanced armament systems, and the Egyptian Air Force plays a vital and influential role in it, with its advanced warplanes capable of carrying out combat missions, and in this report we review the different planes and helicopters owned by the Egyptian Air Force.

The Egyptian Air Force is one of the branches of the Egyptian Armed Forces, and this is information about it:

The Egyptian army ranks No. 14 among the most powerful armies in the world.
The Egyptian Air Force is also ranked No. 8 among the most powerful air forces in the world.
The Egyptian Air Force is the largest in number in Africa, the Middle East and the Arab world.
It also competes with Israel in combat capabilities and technological development.
It has 83 airports, spread all over the Egyptian territories.
It was established in 1928.
Participated in all modern Egyptian wars.
Egyptian warplanes come from different sources, the most important of which are the United States of America, France and Russia.
The Egyptian Air Force witnessed a significant development in armaments after 2013.

One of the most important features of the Egyptian Air Force is the ability to operate various European, Russian and American aircraft, side by side in one system.

The number of Egyptian army aircraft

The number of the Egyptian army’s aircraft is 1069, of various types and missions, as follows:

Fighter and interceptor aircraft, numbering 250 aircraft.
93 attack aircraft.
59 military transport aircraft.
Training aircraft, numbering 341 aircraft.
– 11 special mission aircraft.
313 helicopters of different types and missions.
91 attack aircraft.
This is in addition to a number of aircraft specialized in reconnaissance and early warning, electronic warfare aircraft, and drones.


The Egyptian army aviation contains the most modern aircraft in the world, and from various countries that manufacture weapons, as follows:

1- F-16 fighters

They are American-made fighters, of several models, namely Block 15, 32, 40 and 52, and are characterized by the following:

It is a multi-tasking fighter, which is used for interception, air defense, or ground bombing operations.
Among the Quantum fighters, which are characterized by lower purchase, operation and maintenance costs than other aircraft, with flexibility in carrying out combat missions.
It is characterized by a large fuel load, which enables it to stay in the air for a long time.
It also has the ability to carry a large number of ammunition, with high guidance ability, and great accuracy of hitting targets.
It has advanced navigation electronics.
There are 220 to 240 fighters in the Egyptian Air Force.

2- MiG-29M/M2 fighters

They are Russian-made fighters, which are an updated version of the MiG-29, and are intended for Egypt with certain improvements, and they are characterized by the following:

A multi-role fighter.
Among the aforementioned quantum fighters.
It is characterized by superiority in air combat operations.
It is also characterized by high maneuverability.
It carries many missiles and guided munitions.
There are 46 fighters in the Egyptian Air Force.

3- Rafale aircraft

Among the best aircraft of the Egyptian army, which are French-made fighters, and they are characterized by the following:

– From multiplayer fighters or all missions.
It has the most powerful electronic warfare system in the world, which is the Spectra system
It is characterized by a huge and varied armament load of up to 9 tons.
It has 12 comment points.
– It is distinguished by the presence of the most powerful air-to-surface missile in the world, which is the SCALP missile, with a range of 300 km.
– Donate in surgical bombing missions.
– Execute all tasks assigned to it to the best of its ability.
There are 24 fighters in the Egyptian Air Force, and 30 new additional aircraft have been contracted.

5- The Mirage 2000

20 French-made multirole fighters called the Queen of Heights

Other Egyptian army aircraft include:

1- A number of light ground attack aircraft, of the Air Tractor type.
2- A number of French-made Mirage 5 aircraft.
3- The MiG-21, which was almost taken out of service.
4- A number of Chengdu J-7 fighters, made in China.
5- F-4 Phantom II bombers.


The Egyptian Air Force has the following types of drones, the most important of which are:

1- Wing Loong drones, purchased from China, with 76 Wing Loong-1 aircraft and 32 Wing Loong 1D aircraft.
2- Chinese CH-4 drones.
3- Chinese CH-5 drones.
4- 4 different types of drones, manufactured with the state of Belarus.
5- Egyptian-made drones, June 30.
6- Egyptian-made drones

Reconnaissance aircraft, electronic warfare and early warning

Among the most important of these aircraft:

1- A number of ASN-209 aircraft that are manufactured in Egypt.
2- 12 AT-802U Air Tractor aircraft, which are specialized in counter-terrorism and air survey tasks, and were obtained from the UAE.
3- E-2C AWACS aircraft, specialized in radar support, and the Air Operations Command, with 8 aircraft.
4- A number of Beach-craft electronic reconnaissance aircraft.

transport aircraft

Transport planes in the Egyptian Army Aviation are:

1- 24 military transport aircraft from Spain, of the light tactical type, CASA C-295M.
2- 24 military transport aircraft from America, of the medium tactical type, C-130J Super Hercules.
3- Two strategic military transport aircraft from Russia, IL-76MF.
4- A number of Ukrainian transport aircraft, of the Antonov An-74 type.
5- A number of American transport aircraft, of the type Beechcraft 1900.
6- A number of Spanish transport aircraft, of the type IADS Casa C-295.
7- A number of American transport aircraft, of the type Beechcraft Super King Air.
8- A number of Canadian transport aircraft, of the type DHC-5.

Refueling aircraft

2 refueling aircraft from France, of the type Airbus 330 MRTT.

Training aircraft

They include:

1- A number of Alpha Jets, a joint Egyptian-French industry.
2- A number of AMB 312 aircraft, jointly manufactured by Egypt and Brazil.
3- A number of German-made Group G115 aircraft.
4- Hongdu JL-8 aircraft, jointly manufactured by China, Pakistan and Egypt.
5- Arrow L-39 Albatros aircraft, manufactured by Czechoslovakia.
6- The L-59 Super Albatross, manufactured by Czechoslovakia.
7- The Z-142S aircraft, manufactured by Czechoslovakia.
8- The OH-12, which is American made.

Attack helicopters

In addition to combat aircraft, the Egyptian army has a number of helicopters designed to attack tanks and armored vehicles, and to protect ground formations, which are:

1- 46 of the American Apache helicopters, which are the best in the world in this specialty.
2- A number of Russian Kamov Ka-52 helicopters, which compete with the American Apache in strength and ability to perform all combat missions, and there are 46 combat helicopters in the Egyptian Air Force.
3- Multiple MI-24 helicopters, which are classified as assault helicopters and are Russian made.
4- AW149 helicopters, which were purchased from Italy, and are of the medium type and multi-tasking, and there are 24 of them.
5- A number of Russian Mi-17 helicopters
6- Mil Mi-8 helicopters, Russian made.
other helicopters.
7- 8 medium transport helicopters, model AW189, of Italian manufacture.
8- French Gazelle helicopters in large numbers.
9- US Chinook helicopters.

This was the most important information available about the Egyptian army’s aircraft, as the Egyptian warplanes are distinguished by their diversity, progress and high ability to protect the skies of Egypt from any aggression at any time.


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