Türkiye is working on an unstoppable intercontinental ballistic missile

روسيا "تنشط" الصاروخ النووي العابرا للقارات RS-24 الأقوى 12 مرة من القنبلة الذرية الأمريكية التي ضربت هيروشيما

Ismail Demir, head of the Turkish Presidency’s Military Defense Industries Authority, announced in an interview on “CNN Turk” that his country “is working on an intercontinental ballistic missile that can perform sharp maneuvers and contains five warheads.

Demir said that the new missile would be an unpleasant surprise for the air defenses of what he described as “Turkey’s enemies.” He did not disclose the name and range of the new missile.

He added that mass production of the Turkish ballistic missile “Typhoon” had begun. Confirming that the entire missile technology is local, that the missile works on solid fuel, and that the error rate does not exceed 4 to 5 meters as a maximum.

Demir also spoke about the Turkish-made stealth fighter jet, and said that 14 test models of the Turkish fighter “Khan” KAAN will be produced, and it will eventually be an advanced fifth generation and can outperform the American F-35 stealth aircraft.

He said that the fighter is currently in the category of advanced fourth-generation aircraft, due to the fact that it has not yet been equipped with its final radar, stealth engine, and radar-reflecting paint.

Regarding the Sipir air defense system, Demir declared: “We are currently working on a version for ballistic missiles that operates at an altitude of 120 to 130 km and will be among the highest in its class globally.”

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