Turkey tests the Bayraktar TB2 march with a new long-range Kemankes cruise missile (video)

تركيا تختبر مسيرة بيرقدار تي بي 2 بصاروخ كروز جديد بعيد المدى من نوع Kemankes

The Turkish company Baykar conducted another test of the Bayraktar TB2 drone. For this test, the drone was equipped with the new Kemankes cruise missile.

As part of the test, the drone successfully launched the Kemankes, which is designed to hit targets behind enemy lines. The cruise missile can also be carried by Bayraktar TB3 and Bayraktar Akinci drones.

Kemankes was unveiled this spring. The missile weighs about 30 kilograms and has a 6 kilogram warhead. The length of the ammunition is just over 170 cm. The turbojet engine allows the missile to fly at speeds of up to 720 km/h.

The Turkish long-range Kemankes cruise missile

Kemankes has a cruising speed of 360 km/h and a maximum launch range of over 200 km. The missile is also equipped with an optical guidance system. It has a 36x zoom, dual-axis stabilization and a laser rangefinder that can see up to 2.8km.

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