Türkiye successfully tests a new short-range ballistic missile

تركيا تختبر بنجاح صاروخًا باليستيًا جديدًا قصير المدى

Roketsan, Turkey’s leading arms manufacturer, successfully test-fired its short-range ballistic missile Tayfun (Typhoon) in the Black Sea province of Rize on Tuesday (23/5).

The test launch of the Typhoon missile marks an important milestone for Turkey’s ability to develop ballistic missiles domestically.

Ismail Demir, head of the Turkish Presidency’s Defense Industries Authority (SSB), emphasized that this successful test demonstrated Turkey’s growing expertise in missile technology.

The Typhoon missile is currently Turkey’s longest-running surface-to-surface missile, surpassing any previous missile system.

This launch is the second test run. The first test was previously conducted in October 2022 with a target distance of 560 kilometers (about 348 miles).

The Typhoon missile system is mounted on the Belarusian MZKT Volat 8×8 erector launch vehicle (TEL), which can carry a Bowden.

According to Roketsan, the Typhoon short-range ballistic missile system will provide accurate and effective firepower on strategic targets on the battlefield.

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