The destruction of the Russian S-400 system, learn about the Ukrainian system that succeeded in destroying it (photos)

تركيا ترفض تسليم أنظمة إس-400 إلى أوكرانيا

Pictures have been released purporting to show a destroyed Russian S-400 Triumf command and control center in the city of Kherson.

The publisher of the photos said in a statement on Twitter: “A picture of the destruction of the combat control center of the S-400 air defense system “Triumph”.

He added, “According to the information, this is the first case of the destruction of the PBU 55K6E, which was confirmed by photo installation.”

The destruction of the Russian S-400 system occurred during an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on temporary weapons storage depots in the Kherson region using HIMARS missiles.

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