Destroying Ukrainian airports, ammunition depots, and radar stations in a major Russian missile strike

حقائق: ما نعرفه عن صاروخ كينجال الروسي الفرط صوتي

On Monday, the Russian army launched air strikes with long-range weapons on airfields belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, destroying command posts, radar sites, aircraft and ammunition depots.

“Tonight, the Russian armed forces launched a group strike with precision long-range air-launched weapons against enemy targets at airfields,” said Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

According to him, the purpose of the strike was achieved, and all designated targets were destroyed.

Intercept three Storm Shadow missiles

He added that the air defenses intercepted three Storm Shadow missiles launched from the air by Ukrainian fighter jets.

Since receiving the Storm Shadow missiles, there has been a significant increase in strikes against Russian military targets far from the front lines. The Storm Shadow has a range of more than 250 km, but so far it is not known exactly which version of the missile Ukraine received.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine use Su-24MRs on the front line to launch Storm Shadow missiles. The MiG-29 cannot carry the Storm Shadow due to the heavy weight of these cruise missiles.

Ukraine may receive more long-range weapons in the future. In particular, France has an analogue of the Storm Shadow called SCALP EG, and an official order for the Taurus cruise missile has already been sent to Germany.

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