MiG-31 fighter jet crashes in Russia (video)

روسيا تسلح طائرتها MiG-31D بصواريخ مضادة للأقمار الصناعية، وطائرة IL-76 بأجهزة ليزر قتالية لتقليل الأصول الفضائية المعادية

A Russian MiG-31 fighter jet caught fire in flight and crashed in Russian territory.

According to the video, it appears that one of the plane’s engines caught fire during a routine flight. It is a scenario that has been repeated more than once. About a month ago, a MiG-31 crashed in the same scenario in the Murmansk region of Russia after one of the plane’s engines caught fire during a routine flight, causing it to crash into a lake. The Russian authorities confirmed at the time that the two pilots had survived and that the area where the plane crashed was empty of people.

The Mikoyan MiG-31 is a supersonic interceptor developed for the Soviet Air Force by the Mikoyan Design Bureau as a replacement for the earlier MiG-25 “Foxbat”; The MiG-31 is based on design elements shared with the MiG-25. The MiG-31 is one of the fastest combat aircraft in the world.

• Maximum speed: 3,000 km / h
• Types of engines: turbofan, Solovyov D-30
Entering service: 1982
• Weight: 21,820 kg
• Wing sold: 13 m
First flight: September 16, 1975
• Cruising speed: 2500 km / h

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