It surpasses HIMARS and Tornado.. Russia is developing a new Sarma missile launcher capable of launching smart munitions

تتفوق على هيمارس وتورنادو.. روسيا تطور راجمة صواريخ جديدة من طراز Sarma قادرة على إطلاق ذخائر ذكية

With missile strikes becoming a defining feature of the Ukraine war, Russia is said to be developing a 300mm Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), Sarma, which will complement existing rocket launchers in Moscow’s arsenal.

Russia is working on creating a new 300mm Sarma rocket launcher with an increase in its mobility.

According to Russian state media, the system will be able to use guided munitions.

Sarma MLRS will be a continuation of the Kama MRL project, which is built on the KamAZ chassis.

The new launcher will increase its mobility and protection, and will be able, in particular, to use precision-guided munitions.

Reportedly, the missile launcher will be equipped with an improved automatic fire control system.

Russian forces currently use 300mm guided missiles with the Tornado-S MLRS. These missiles are equipped with an inertial navigation system with satellite adjustment, which allows them to accurately hit various targets.

Currently, three 300-mm multiple rocket launchers are in service with the Russian army, these are: Smerch MLRS, Tornado-S MLRS in its modernized version and Uragan-M1 MLRS. The latter system was run in small numbers.

Guided munitions

The source told the Russian news agency RIA Novosti that the all-new Sarma MLRS is characterized by greater mobility and is capable of firing guided munitions.

“Enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex are developing the promising 300-mm MLRS Sarma, which will be a continuation of the MLRS Kama, created on the KamAZ chassis.”

The source added that the vehicle will contain an “advanced automatic fire control and guidance system.”

According to the report, the Kama multiple launch missile system was presented in 2007 at the MAKS airshow. It was a modification of the “Smerch” system, with six containers instead of 12 for launching missiles. The system was installed on the basis of the KAMAZ vehicle and was supposed to have greater mobility when driving on highways.

The difference with the Smerch was insignificant – instead of a closed missile container, an open MZ-196 was installed on the Kama MLRS. However, it was somewhat more extensive and much heavier, about seven tons.

Kama MLRS was not produced for Russian forces, which may be why the brand new Sarma MLRS is described as a continuation of the Kama system.

In the ongoing Ukraine War, Russian forces have deployed a range of missile launch systems, ranging from old Soviet-era equipment to modern MLRS developed by the Russian Federation. For example, the Tornado-S MLRS, which is a 300-mm caliber system, has been widely deployed in the troops.

The Tornado-S is routinely used to fire guided munitions at Ukrainian military forces and sites. This munition contains a satellite-corrected inertial navigation guidance system that enables Russian forces to hit various targets within Ukraine with extreme accuracy.

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