Putin confirms that Russia bombed the headquarters of the Ukrainian military intelligence

بوتين يزور مصنعًا للأسلحة وسط مخاوف من أن حرب أوكرانيا تستنزف مخزون الأسلحة الروسية

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed in televised statements a few hours after the Ukrainian attack on the Russian capital, Moscow, that Russia bombed the headquarters of the Ukrainian military intelligence.

And the Russian armed forces attacked the headquarters of the Ukrainian secret service.

According to President Putin, the drone attack on Moscow was an attempt in retaliation for targeting the headquarters of the Ukrainian intelligence service, but the air defense system in the capital was working properly.

Putin also noted that “Ukrainian citizens should be aware that the strikes may provoke a response from Russia.”

However, the president noted that Russia is not using the means used by “Ukrainian dignitaries”.

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