Construction of the Corvette 1800 Avante for Morocco begins next week

بدء بناء كورفيت Avante 1800 لصالح المغرب الأسبوع المقبل

The Spanish Minister of Finance stated that work on the hull of the Avante 1800 ship for the Royal Moroccan Navy will begin on July 3. A version will be manufactured for Morocco

Technical studies for the Moroccan version took two years 2021-2023.

The Navantia shipyard in San Fernando (Cádiz) will carry out the plate cutting of the patrol boat acquired by Morocco for the Royal Navy on July 3rd. This was confirmed by the Minister of Finance and Public Service, María Jesus Montero, in an interview on Cadena Ser last Saturday. She indicated that this program will provide 1,100 direct and indirect jobs.

The Moroccan patrol boat was announced at the beginning of 2021 by Montero herself. The boat will be a development of the Avante 1400 with some typical characteristics of the Avante 1800. In the past two years, Navantia has worked on design definition and engineering work.

The contract with Morocco also opens the door for a second patrol boat for the country’s navy. And the Navantia company explained in January 2021, after announcing the agreement, that “the project received institutional support from the government, and its success opens the door to contracting with other similar units, which means increasing working hours and more job opportunities for the marine industry.”

The ship will be based on the Avanti family of Navantia. Specifically, it will be very similar to the coastal control ships (BVL), which were built for the Venezuelan Navy at the beginning of this century, also at the San Fernando shipyard. These types of ships are prepared for various coastal operations: protection and surveillance; marine traffic control; logistical support through supplies and personnel; search and rescue operations; Maritime interdiction, surface defense and passive electronic warfare.

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