India provides Egypt with local production of Tejas fighters and Akash air defense systems.

الهند تقدم لمصر الإنتاج المحلي لمقاتلات "تيجاس" وأنظمة الدفاع الجوي أكاش

India and Egypt are set to hold discussions on the possible sale of various defense equipment from India during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Egypt. The proposed defense equipment includes the Light Fighter Aircraft Tejas (LCA Tejas), the Akash missile system, and the Intelligent Anti-Airport Weapons (SAAW) developed by the Indian Defense Research Organization (DRDO).

In response to Egypt’s interest, India has expressed its willingness to exchange technology and explore joint production opportunities, highlighting the growing defense partnership between the two countries. The move reflects India’s commitment to strengthening defense cooperation with Egypt and expanding its presence in the global defense market.

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Egypt will mark an important milestone in the bilateral relations between the two countries. This will be his first visit to Egypt since taking office in 2014, underscoring the importance India places on strengthening relations with the African country. The Cairo trip is an extension of Prime Minister Modi’s recent tour to the United States, where he engaged in discussions with world leaders on various strategic and economic issues.

During the visit, the two countries will focus on deepening bilateral ties, with a particular focus on defense cooperation and education. This is in line with India’s broader goal of forging stronger partnerships with countries across various sectors, including defence, trade and investment. Discussions between India and Egypt on defense equipment sales reflect their shared commitment to enhancing security and stability in the region.

The sale of defense equipment such as LCA Tejas aircraft, Akash missile system and SAAW not only showcases India’s domestic defense capabilities but also presents an opportunity for Egypt to enhance its defense capabilities and meet its security requirements. Moreover, India’s willingness to share technology and explore co-production arrangements demonstrates its commitment to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

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