Morocco is boosting its military arsenal with the Chinese HJ-9A anti-tank missile system

المغرب يعزز ترسانته العسكرية بنظام الصواريخ الصيني المضاد للدبابات HJ-9A

The acquisition demonstrates Morocco’s commitment to maintaining a strong, technologically advanced military force.

The Royal Moroccan Navy has revealed images of its training on the Chinese HJ-9A anti-tank missile system, also known as the Red Arrow 9A.

The event came within the framework of the celebration of the 67th anniversary of the Moroccan Armed Forces and was broadcast on national television, according to a report by the Spanish defense news outlet “Defensa”.

The HJ-9A, a highly capable anti-tank missile system, has a range of up to 5.5 kilometers and is usually mounted on vehicles. The system can also be deployed from the ground using a tripod, providing versatility for different combat scenarios.

Primarily designed to engage and neutralize tanks, armored vehicles and fortified structures, the HJ-9A features a tandem warhead – consisting of two separate explosive charges – that enables it to penetrate reactive armor to an impressive depth of 1,200mm.

The system is also equipped with a radar guidance system that uses millimeter wave technology, which enables it to deliver high levels of accuracy and precision.

Morocco’s acquisition of this advanced anti-tank missile system demonstrates the country’s commitment to strengthening its military and defense capabilities.

The Moroccan Armed Forces already possess a variety of anti-tank missile systems, including the HJ-8L system, which uses wire guidance and SACLOS (Semi-Automatic Driving Line of Sight) technology, with a range of up to 4 km.

In addition, the country’s military arsenal consists of various missile systems from different countries, such as the United States, France, Ukraine, Israel and Russia, as Defensa’s report explains.

The acquisition demonstrates Morocco’s commitment to maintaining a strong, technologically advanced military force.

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