Morocco participates in the US Central Command exercises

دبابة أبرامز

Today Arizona Senator and Navy veteran Mark Kelly announced key Arizona and national security priorities he got during the Senate Armed Services Committee for the defense bill for the upcoming fiscal year, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which has passed. By yesterday’s bipartisan committee.

Kelly said in a paragraph talking about security cooperation and foreign policy:

“We seek to improve coordination between the United States and regional partners in countering the common threat from Iran, including by supporting Morocco’s integration into military exercises led by US Central Command, a proposal by Kelly following a congressional delegation’s visit to the country earlier this year. “.

The US Central Command (CENTCOM) exercise is a series of military exercises conducted by US forces and their allies under the supervision of the US Center for Military Operations in the Middle East and South Asia. These exercises aim to enhance cooperation and coordination among the participating forces, and improve their capabilities in addressing security threats and crises in the region.

CENTCOM exercises cover a wide range of military activities, including combat exercises related to infantry, armored forces, air forces and navy. These exercises include military simulations, field exercises, naval and air exercises, and disaster response and humanitarian intervention exercises.

CENTCOM exercises are based on the principles of military tactics and strategy, and involve broad coordination and cooperation among the participating countries. These exercises aim to develop the individual and team capabilities of the forces, improve mutual understanding and the ability to operate in multinational and multicultural combat environments.

CENTCOM exercises are organized periodically and regularly, and the US forces present in the region, including the Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Forces, participate in it. The military alliance with the countries of the Middle East and Asia also includes participation in these exercises to enhance military cooperation and security in the region.

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