Morocco is negotiating to obtain Israeli cruise missiles

Morocco is negotiating to obtain Israeli cruise missiles

The potential deal is part of a process through which Morocco aims to raise the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Royal Armed Forces.

Morocco is in talks with Israel to purchase a short-range “Delilah” cruise missile for its fleet of F-5, a light hypersonic combat aircraft, according to a report by Spanish military news website Defensa.

Defensa added that the missile system was developed by the Israeli arms manufacturer Elbit Systems and will be the first of its kind in the Moroccan defense arsenal, noting that it will also be the first missile in the Moroccan arsenal that works effectively on land and sea targets within a range of 250 km.

The deal is still pending Morocco’s conclusion of an agreement with Israeli security institutions. The Israeli security authorities scrutinize arms exports due to concerns that these weapons may fall into the hands of hostile military entities.

The Defensa report indicated that Jews of Moroccan origin are under intense pressure to overcome these fears and proceed with the sale.

Morocco intends to use Delilah cruise missiles to upgrade its existing fleet of F-5 fighter jets.

In addition to providing them with Delilah cruise missiles, Morocco has announced plans to upgrade combat aircraft with fire-control radars, digital displays, as well as advanced data links.

The list of upcoming upgrades also includes advanced care systems, signal jamming systems, and air-to-air and air-to-surface attack missiles such as the Delilah cruise missile.

The deal is part of Morocco’s recent efforts to modernize its arsenal as the country announced a series of purchases of the latest military hardware earlier this year.

In this context, the country announced the conclusion of a deal with a Belgian defense contractor to launch military aircraft.

This measure is in line with Morocco’s strategy to integrate arms manufacturing into its industrial equipment.

In 2020, Parliament adopted new legislation dedicated to regulating the manufacture, trade and transfer of arms.

The Israeli “Delilah” cruise missile

The Delilah missile is an advanced cruise missile used by the Israeli Air Force. The Delilah missile is characterized by its ability to travel over long distances and carry out precise strikes on specific targets. This missile is part of the Israeli weapons system aimed at achieving air control and effective military operations.

The Delilah missile has several important technical characteristics. It is powered by a solid fuel rocket engine, and is guided by precise navigation systems such as the Global Positioning System (GPS) and remote sensing system (Telemetric). Delilah is also equipped with a warhead that can be loaded in different ways, including regular bombs or smart bombs.

It is known that the Delilah missile is mainly used for strategic and tactical military operations, such as targeting vital military targets, military facilities, and defense systems. It is operated by warplanes or drones, which gives the Israeli forces the possibility of using it in various conditions and distances.

Delilah missile range

The Dalilah missile is believed to have a range of 250 to 300 km. This range is ideal for conducting military strikes on distant and sensitive targets without the need to enter enemy airspace. This missile can fly at low altitudes and get close to the target accurately before executing the strike.

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