Ukrainian artillery destroys a Russian Buk-M2 air defense system in a huge explosion (video)

منظومة بوك أوكرانية تُسقط صواريخ كاليبر روسية فوق أوكرانيا (فيديو)

Ukrainian artillery reportedly detonated a Russian surface-to-air missile system in the Donbass region.

The open-source investigative group Ukraine Weapons Tracker has released footage showing the destruction of a Russian air defense system near Novopetrivka in the Donetsk region.

He added, “Ukrainian forces destroyed a Russian SAM system – allegedly, the Buk-M1 (-2) Tellar.”

The Buk series surface-to-air missile system (SA-11 Gadfly) can be seen exploding in a large ball of fire after the first hit leaving the launch pad ablaze.

#Ukraine : South of Novopetrivka, #Donetsk Oblast, Ukrainian forces destroyed a Russian SAM system- as claimed, a Buk-M1(-2) TELAR.

Ukrainian forces conducted counterattack operations on at least four sectors of the front and reported gains on 27 June. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Ukrainian forces had advanced in all active sectors of the front from Donetsk to the Zaporizhia region.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal said that the Ukrainian army had advanced 7 kilometers and recaptured land, including eight villages, during the past two weeks.

A BUK M1/2 surface-to-air missile system is displayed at Paphos Air Base, Cyprus, on November 9, 2018.


The Buk-M2 is a medium-range air defense system used by the Russian Air Force and a number of other countries. The Buk M2 is an evolution of the earlier Buk System (Buk-M1) and is also known as the SA-17 “Greza”.

The Buk M2 is intended for air defense against medium and high altitude air targets, such as aircraft, drones and small ballistic missiles. The system is characterized by its ability to withstand electronic and anti-air defense threats, and is characterized by a high response speed and high accuracy in hitting.

The system consists of a combination of mobile vehicles connected to a radar system and advanced sensor equipment. These vehicles track and detect air targets and direct missiles towards them. The Buk M2 uses 9M317 surface-to-air guided missiles, which are characterized by precise control capabilities and the ability to target multiple targets at the same time.

The Buk M2 was developed to be able to meet modern challenges in the airspace and achieve advanced performance in various conditions. The system is used in the air defense of the Russian Armed Forces and has been exported to a number of other countries around the world.

Book-M2 range

The range of the Buk-M2 system depends on the type of missile used with the system. The 9M317 surface-to-air guided missile can be used with the Buk M2, and these missiles determine the range of the system.

Generally, the effective range of the Buk M2 system is 35 to 45 kilometers (about 22 to 28 miles). It must be taken into account that this range may be affected by many factors such as the type of target, its height and speed, as well as weather conditions such as wind and humidity.

The M2’s ability to accurately control and multi-target at the same time is an important advantage. The system can track and detect air targets and respond to them in a very short period of time, which increases the effectiveness of the system in air defense.

Please note that the figures given here are approximate values ​​and may vary slightly between different models and configurations of the BookM2 system due to technical developments and military updates.

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