Ukrainian armed forces display the British Challenger 2 tank in training (video)

الخارجية البريطانية تدعو إلى تسليح تايوان ضد الصين لتفادي خطأ أوكرانيا

A short video clip appeared showing the British main battle tank Challenger 2 during an exercise. We’ve seen similar footage before, and now we’re waiting for the combat vehicle to appear on the front line.

The video, which lasts less than 30 seconds, shows a Challenger 2 tank driving down a dirt road. A number of soldiers were also filmed in the video. The video was not located.

Two months ago, the United Kingdom announced the transfer of 14 Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine. The combat vehicles were delivered with ammunition including depleted uranium shells. The number of ammunition delivered to Ukraine was not specified.

Besides the tanks, Ukraine also received AS-90 self-propelled 155mm howitzers from the UK. The Armed Forces of Ukraine recently showed the British artillery unit in action at the front for the first time.

British main battle tank Challenger 2

The Challenger 2 tank is a main battle tank used by the British Armed Forces. The Challenger 2 is an evolution of the original British Challenger tank, improved and developed to meet the demands of modern battlefield.

The Challenger 2 tank has many advanced technological and combat features. Some of these advantages include:

• Protection technology: Challenger 2 is equipped with modern protection systems such as reactive shields and active protection systems, which enhances its ability to withstand direct attacks and damage caused by mines and explosives.

• Fire capabilities: Challenger 2 is equipped with a powerful 120 mm main gun, which can destroy various targets with high accuracy and long range. It also has a secondary gun for close defense and anti-tank missile systems.

• Performance and Mobility: Challenger 2’s powerful engine and advanced suspension allow it to move quickly over all types of terrain and overcome obstacles with ease.

• Technological integration: Challenger 2 is equipped with advanced electronic systems that include sensors, guidance, navigation and modern communication systems, which enhances its ability to cooperate with other units in the war arena.

The Challenger 2 has been widely used in military operations and is proving itself to be a powerful and reliable tank in combat.

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