Ukrainian Armed Forces target Russian command headquarters and fuel depots with Storm Shadow cruise missiles

دقيقة بنسبة 100٪.. صواريخ كروز "ستورم شادو" بعيدة المدى تدمر الأهداف العسكرية الروسية بشكل فعال بعيدًا عن الخطوط الأمامية

On the morning of 30 June, the Ukrainian Defense Forces bombed the Syrian-held city of Berdyansk in the south of the Zaporozhye region. British “Storm Shadow” cruise missiles, which have a launch range of more than 200 km, were used for this purpose.

The strike was carried out at the city’s airport. This information first appeared on social media, and later it was confirmed by the military administration of the city of Berdyansk, which reported that headquarters and ammunition depots had been hit.

Local residents reported the destruction of an air defense system, 11 explosions and fires in the airport area. The Strategic Communications Center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces later confirmed the strike and said that headquarters and fuel and oil depots had been hit.

Russian media published a video of the missile wreckage. Judging by the serial numbers shown in the photos, the strike was indeed carried out by Storm Shadow missiles. The losses of the Russian army have not yet been determined. A few days ago there were more than a dozen helicopters at the airport.

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