Ukrainian Armed Forces destroy four Russian Ka-52 helicopters worth $64 million in three days

شاهد إسقاط مروحية روسية أخرى من طراز كا-52 "التمساح" بواسطة منظومة الدفاع الجوي إيغلا

The Ukrainian Air Force shot down Russian Ka-52 “Alligator” attack helicopters (NATO designation: Hokum B). A total of four helicopters were shot down in just three days.

On June 16, the Air Force first wrote about eliminating the Ka-52 Alligator. By the morning of June 18, two more helicopters had been destroyed. Besides them, the air defense eliminated a Lancet Kamikaze drone, four Shahed 131/136 drones, and seven UAVs.

Finally, another Ka-52 was shot down on the evening of June 18th. Thus, within three days, the Air Force destroyed four helicopters worth $64 million (each unit cost about $16 million).

The Ka-52 can be called a relatively new aircraft. It was adopted by the Russian army only in 2011. Its maximum flight speed is 300 kilometers per hour. The helicopter can carry anti-tank missiles, 23mm cannons and unguided rockets.

Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters eat up Ukrainian armour
Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter

The Ka-52 is a Russian multirole attack helicopter. Also referred to as the “unseen weapon,” it belongs to the Russian aircraft manufacturer Kamov. The Ka-52 was developed to replace the Ka-50 and operates with two divisions.

The Ka-52 features a double cabin layout, with two single seats adjacent to each other for the pilots, allowing for excellent visibility in all directions. The Ka-52 is a heavily armed aircraft, as it can carry a variety of guided missiles, mortars, and machine guns.

The Ka-52 has high capabilities in reconnaissance, air attack, and support for ground forces. It is equipped with an advanced control system that helps it deal with harsh weather conditions and carry out military missions in difficult places. It is characterized by its ability to fly for long periods and move at high speed, which makes it suitable for military operations in urban, mountainous and forest areas.

The Ka-52 has been widely used in the Russian Armed Forces and has also been exported to several countries. The Ka-52 is a powerful addition to military forces with its advanced attack and reconnaissance capabilities and the ability to handle a variety of military missions.

Shooting down a Ka-52 requires significant damage to the aircraft itself or to disabling its flight capabilities. This can be done through the use of military means such as surface-to-air missiles or anti-aircraft weapons.

Looking at the Ka-52, it has strong resistance and has an armored design that protects pilots and sensitive parts from attacks. In addition, it carries advanced self-defense systems used to counter air threats.

Therefore, shooting down the Ka-52 requires the use of powerful and specialized means. Some potential approaches could include:

1. Use of surface-to-air missiles: the aircraft can be targeted with anti-aircraft surface-to-air missiles such as MANPADS, or medium-range missiles such as the S-300 or S-400.

2. Use of combat aircraft: Fighter aircraft equipped with air-to-air missiles can be used to target and destroy the Ka-52 in the air.

3. Use of other weapons: Other anti-aircraft weapons such as large caliber machine guns or anti-aircraft air defense system can be used.

The mission of shooting down the Ka-52 requires precise plans, strategies and powerful capabilities. It must be carried out by well-equipped and trained military forces to deal with this military challenge.

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