The Russian Air Force receives a new batch of Su-35S combat aircraft (video)

هل هي سو-35 المصرية؟ إيران تجري مُحادثات مع روسيا للحصول على طائرات سو-35

The Russian Air Force has received a new batch of Su-35S fighter jets of the fourth generation.

Earlier this year, KnAAZ delivered three new Su-35S to the Russian Air Force.

Su-35 fighters are active over Ukraine.

The Su-35S is a Russian fighter aircraft of the Russian Sukhoi Corporation. The Su-35S is a recent development of the Su-27 Flanker series of combat aircraft, and represents the fourth generation of combat aircraft. It is designed to enhance air control, air attack and air reconnaissance capabilities.

The Su-35S is highly agile, highly capable and adaptable to various environments and missions. It is designed and equipped with advanced technology, including advanced electronics, weapon systems and powerful engines. It has high capabilities in long-range and close-range air combat, and contains a variety of weapons, including air-to-air missiles, bombs, and guided missiles.

Pilots enjoy a wide and clear view of the surrounding field thanks to the advanced cockpit design and advanced optical system. The aircraft also has great vertical flight capabilities and high maneuverability performance, allowing it to adapt to a variety of air environments and missions.


The Su-35S is equipped with a powerful and advanced radar system, which helps it detect, track and attack air and ground targets with high efficiency. The aircraft is capable of participating in multiple military operations, including protecting the airspace, supporting ground forces, and carrying out reconnaissance missions.

The Su-35S is mainly used by the Russian Air Force, and has also been exported to a number of other countries. The Su-35S is one of the newest and most powerful combat aircraft developed in Russia, and represents an important figure in Russia’s military capabilities in the field of military aviation.

The Su-35S has the following features:

1. High performance: The Su-35S is a high-performance combat aircraft, with exceptional flight capabilities in speed, endurance and aerial endurance.

2. Advanced Technology: The Su-35S uses modern technologies such as active electro-optical radars and a digital electronic control system to enhance its capabilities in flight, sensing and interaction with other elements in the battle.

3. Multi-mission capabilities: The Su-35S is equipped with multiple weapon systems including air-to-air, air-to-surface and air-to-sea missiles, giving it the ability to effectively carry out multiple combat missions.

4. Durability improvements: The aircraft’s fuselage and wings have been reinforced to improve structural durability and increase flight time without the need for refueling.

5. Vision and sensing capabilities: The Su-35S has a wide range of sensor systems, radars, tracking and targeting systems, which helps it to monitor and track targets with high accuracy and efficiency.

The Su-35S is one of the advanced combat aircraft that the Russian Air Force relies on, and it is designed to deal with various combat challenges in different weather environments.

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